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Excel custom ribbon icons

By | 10.10.2020

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Use Own Icon for Macro Button on Ribbon

Remember Me? Results 1 to 15 of Free icons for office ribbon development? Register To Reply. Re: Free icons for office ribbon development? Richard Buttrey If any of the responses have helped then please consider rating them by clicking the small star icon below the post.

Are the built-in images not relevant to your project? I guess it would help if you described what sort of imagery you wanted for your icons. Although Richard's suggestion to use google is probably best as one mans 'cool' is another mans 'naff'.

Cheers Andy www. Actually I read that slightly differently. The reference is to "Microsoft product icons" I think this is the icon used for Excel or Word rather than the icons within the product such as Print or Bold. You probably can not simply copy the icons from excel to use in your own stand alone non excel application, but you are not doing that.

You are just making use of the icons contained within excel for use within excel. I would suggest the majority of excel developers make use of the icons in this way. Originally Posted by Andy Pope. I've checked the Office folder on my computer but haven't found them. I've also googled and checked micorsoft. The icons are part of the exe, rather than external.

If you add an Image control from the ActiveX controls to the worksheet you can use the following command in the VBE immediate window to display a icon. The fontawesome icons look great! But is there any easy way of using them for the desktop ribbon? Is there a simpler way? That is awesme! I was happy with getting the office icons with the help of Andy Pope. Iconion was awesome as well! The strange thing is that I also spent hours i kid u not googling and downloading icons from other places and wasn't able to find anything remotely as good.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is PM.How to customize the Excel Ribbon with built-in icons.

excel custom ribbon icons

He has just created a custom Excel Addin for a client and has invited you to test his application. You are an intern with the company. You are quite impressed with the custom Ribbon menu in Excel, a significant improvement in software usability over buttons added inside worksheets.

You cannot resist asking: Bill, where did you find the button icons? Are these icons custom made? The XML code for the custom Ribbon tab is shown below. Bill: No, all the icons are built-in the Microsoft Office suite. It is not practical to browse all those icons sequentially in order to select the ones that are suitable for your application. Some icons are designed in 16x16 pixels, so they are not suitable for 32x32 Ribbon buttons.

All Icons should be previewed in the Ribbon for an accurate evaluation, as they may not be shown correctly in user-forms or in Excel objects.

Not all icons are available in previous Excel versions. Ideally, custom Ribbon tabs should be tested with every Excel version that our clients are currently using or plan to use. Large size is 32x32 pixels. This case study is presented in an effort to provide Excel practitioners with a way to apply conceptual material to real-world business problems across several sectors.

We hope that you find the content engaging, dynamic and helpful in dealing with complex, realistic development problems in Microsoft Excel. While every effort has been made to provide an expert commentary from both academic and practitioner perspectives, the solution s presented may not be exhaustive. Please feel free to contribute your suggestion s. All names and scenarios are fictional.This could be an image that you have created, or one that you downloaded from a website.

This icon was downloaded from flaticon. This is free to download and if you do not have it already you can download it here — Custom UI Editor for Office. You may see some XML code appear as soon as you open the file, but you will probably need to insert some sample XML code to get started. This code can now be edited to work for you. Change the label for the tab, group and then button to what you want to use. Then enter the name of the image you want to use for the image argument.

In the example below my image is saved as analytics Shortly we will insert this into the Excel workbook. With the code now set to add your icon to the Ribbon and run your macro, we need to insert the image into the workbook so that it is there to be used. Click the Insert menu and then Icons. Browse and select your icon and it will be added to the file.

You can see it on the left. Thank you very much for this tutorial. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while. Your example showed how to add a custom ribbon to a workbook. Could I also create an add-in and use the Custom UI editor to add my own icons? You can create icons on a Ribbon of a workbook and save it as an add-in for distribution. XLSB before but cannot see why this would not work also.

If I add a ribbon to a workbook, if I then copy the workbook, would the ribbon also be copied. If this is the case, then in certain situations, would this negate the need for a separate add-in? Yes imageMSO is for the Microsoft icons. Yes, I believe if you copy the workbook then the Ribbon would be contained with it. I guess this does reduce the advantages of an add-in. An add-in would remain a far more efficient way of distributing macros, or in this case a Ribbon tab though.

Especially in a business environment.The tab appears when a specific workbook opens, and disappears when the workbook is not active. Requires Excel or later version. Thanks to Ron de Bruin, Excel MVP, for the helpful Ribbon customization information on his website, and thanks to Stephen Davanzo, whose sample workbook inspired me to start experimenting with the Ribbon.

In this tutorial, you'll see how to add a custom tab to the Excel Ribbon, that will be visible when the Order Form workbook is active. There will be buttons on the custom tab, to run the two macros that are in the workbook. To see the steps for adding a custom Ribbon tab in a workbook, please watch this video tutorial. The written instructions are below the video. Your browser can't show this frame.

Show the ribbon

Here is a link to the page. To see the steps for adding your own icon to a custom Ribbon tab in a workbook, please watch this video tutorial.

The written instructions are in the Add a Custom Icon section. You should download and install the program before starting this tutorial. This example is based on an Order Form workbook, which contains two macros.

You can download the sample file, and use it to follow along with this tutorial. If you would prefer to create a custom tab your own workbook, write or record at least one macro in the fileS, and make sure that the file is saved as macro-enabled. The Ribbon code will be stored here. In the xml code, you can see that there is a heading for each part of the custom UI:.

Each item has a unique ID, a label, and perhaps other properties, such as an icon and a macro that runs when the button is clicked. For example, here is the code for one of the buttons in the Contoso Tools group. Line breaks were added, to make the code easier to read. Before you save the code, the Custom UI Editor can check the code, to make sure that it is valid.In some situations, you may want to modify the Excel Ribbon automatically when a workbook or add-in is opened.

Doing so makes it easy for the user to access your macro. It also eliminates the need for the user to modify the Ribbon manually by using the Excel Options dialog box. Modifying the Ribbon involves writing XML code in a text editor, copying that XML file into the workbook file, editing a bunch of XML files which also are stashed away inside the Excel file, which in reality is nothing more than a zipped container of individual filesand then writing VBA procedures to handle the clicking of the controls you put in the XML file.

Fortunately, software is available to assist you with customizing the Ribbon — but you still need to be on familiar terms with XML. Type the following code in the code panel named customUI. If the code has any syntax errors, you get a message that describes the problem. If any errors are identified, you must correct them. This procedure is not actually inserted into the workbook, so you need to copy it for later use or memorize it, if you have a good memory. Go back to the customUI.

You should see the new Ribbon group and Ribbon button. You probably realize that modifying the Ribbon using XML is not exactly intuitive. If that sounds appealing to you, search the web or find a book devoted exclusively to customizing the Ribbon interface in Microsoft Office. You can find Mike at www. The VBA callback procedure that is executed by clicking the Ribbon button.

Proof that adding a new Ribbon command using XML is actually possible.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. The Ribbon has multiple display options to fit your preferences, but with an errant click, you can unintentionally hide your Ribbon.

To quickly show the Ribbon, click any tab, for example, the Home or Insert tab. To show the Ribbon all the time, click the arrow Excel or pushpin icon Excel on the lower-right corner of the Ribbon. For more control of the Ribbon, you can change your view and maximize the Ribbon by accessing the Ribbon Display Options near the top of your Excel document. Click the Ribbon Display Options icon on the top-right corner of your document. It is to the left of the Minimize icon.

In the menu that opens, click Show Tabs and Commands to show the Ribbon with all tabs and full commands. This option is the default view.

While this option provides quick access to all the commands, it limits the available screen space for your workbook. Click Show Tabs to display the Ribbon tabs without the commands. To access the commands in the Show Tabs option, click any of the tabs.

By using this option, you get the largest amount of screen space when you view your workbook. To access tabs and commands in this view, click the very top of your workbook. Learn more. Expand your Office skills. Get instant Excel help. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback? How can we improve? Send No thanks.

excel custom ribbon icons

Thank you for your feedback! It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Contact Support.See how to customize Excel ribbon with your own tabs and commands, hide and show tabs, rename and rearrange groups, restore the ribbon to the default settings, back up and share your custom ribbon with other users. Introduced in Excelthe ribbon allows you to access most of the commands and features.

How to create a new symbol for use in the ribbon?

In Excelthe ribbon became customizable. Why would you want to personalize the ribbon? Perhaps you will find it convenient to have your own tab with your favorite and most used commands at your fingertips. Or you will want to hide tabs you use less often. Whatever the reason, this tutorial will teach you how to quickly customize the ribbon to your liking.

To save your time and efforts when working on different tasks in Excel, you can personalize the ribbon with things like:. Most customizations to the Excel ribbon are done in the Customize the Ribbon window, which is part of Excel Options. So, to start customizing the ribbon, do one of the following:. Either way, the Excel Options dialog window will open enabling you to do all the customizations described below. The instructions are the same for ExcelExcelExcel and Excel To make your favorite commands easily accessible, you can add your own tab to the Excel ribbon.

Here's how:. This adds a custom tab with a custom group because commands can only be added to custom groups. Select the newly created tab, named New Tab Customand click the Rename… button to give your tab an appropriate name.

In the same manner, change the default name given by Excel to a custom group. For the detailed guidelines, please see how to rename ribbon items. When done, click OK to save the changes. As shown in the screenshot below, our custom tab is added to the Excel ribbon immediately, though the custom group is not displayed because it is empty. For the group to show up, it must contain at least one command. We will add commands to our custom tab in a moment but, to be consistent, we will first look at how to create a custom group.

Optionally, from the Symbol box, select the icon to represent your custom group. This icon will appear on the ribbon when the Excel window is too narrow to show the commands, so only the group names and icons are displayed. Please see how to rename items on the ribbon for full details. To save some room on the ribbon, you can remove text from the commands in your custom group and show only the icons. How to add a command button to Excel ribbon Commands can only be added to custom groups.

So, before adding a command, be sure to create a custom group on an inbuilt or custom tab. As an example, we are adding add the Subscript and Superscript buttons to the custom tab that we created:. As the result, we now have a custom ribbon tab with two buttons:.

If you're using a small monitor or a laptop with a small screen, every inch of screen space matters. To save some room on the Excel ribbon, you can remove text labels from your custom commands to show only icons.

In addition to giving your own names to custom tabs and groups that you create, Excel allows you to rename the built-in tabs and groups.

excel custom ribbon icons

However, you cannot change names of the inbuilt commands, only commands added to custom groups can be renamed. For groups and commandsyou can also select an icon from the Symbol box, like shown in the screenshot below:.

To know exactly where everything is located on your Excel ribbon, you can put tabs and groups in the most convenient places. However, the build-in commands cannot be moved, you can only change order of commands in custom groups. While you can remove both default and custom groups, only custom tabs and custom commands can be removed. The build-in tabs can be hidden ; built-in commands can nether be removed nor hidden.

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